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In the ever changing world that we live in, vehicle compliance, OCRS, is a key tool for the VOSA authorities to use, in order to ensure that our roads only have compliant roadworthy vehicle on them.


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Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)


OCRS has been around for a while now, but what exactly does it entail and how does it affect operators?
Read below to find out.

What is OCRS?

OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score) is a mechanism created and used by VOSA to calculate the chances of an Operator not being compliant with Operator Licensing law and legislation.


What is the puropose of OCRS?


The purpose of OCRS is to enable VOSA officials to focus their efforts on Operators who are less likely to be operating within legislation, therefore, good Operators will receive less attention from VOSA in the form of roadside stops and site inspections.


How is it used?


Every Operators Licence has an OCRS associated with it. VOSA officials at the roadside can key in your vehicle registration number on their hand held device as you approach and view your score. If your score is low then you are less likely to be called in on a roadside inspection or have a site visit from VOSA. If your score is high then you are much more likely to get site visits or be pulled in for roadside inspections by VOSA.


How is my OCRS calculated?


There are two different ways that your OCRS is calculated, Predictive and Historic, both are explained below.


Historic Score?


Historic scoring uses known data that is relevant to that particular operator. The data can include:-

• First / annual test data, including prohibitable defects.

• Fleet check vehicle inspection data, including prohibitable defects.

• Roadside inspection data, including prohibitable defects.

• PLS records (VOSA Prosecution & Legal Services), such as any previous convictions.

• Graduated Fixed Penalties issued to drivers for the range of offences that they cover.

Every encounter with a VOSA official is one event. Defects or offences found during an event are given a points rating based on severity. Events where no defects or offences are found are given zero points.


The scoring system calculates the average number of points per event and this score is called the index score. The index score is calculated from the last two years of your historic data, so if you do get a prohibition it will be used for the next two years to calculate your index score.


The index score is compared with similar operators which gives a league table. The position on the league table is used to create a “relative score”. The relative score is used to create the OCRS rating which is Green, Amber or Red as illustrated below.

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We are all aware that the responsibility for ensuring vehicle compliance is maintained is down to the operator, however every week in the UK an operator falls foul of the law and is brought before the traffic commissioner with issues regarding OCRS vehicle and operator compliance.

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